I've Got Issues

In a society filled with anxiety and disorders, a well-known comedian who “suffers” from a range of issues embarks on a comedic journey of self-discovery with which we can all identify. Each episode features the comedian addressing a different light-hearted issue using a support group to help them through it – from shopaholics and hypochondriacs to social media and sports addicts. Surrounded by people who understand and share their problem, our comedian will add their own brand of humor as every addict reveals their experience, exposing us to extreme, hilarious and relatable aspects of the issue. From group therapy to fieldwork and home visits, it all culminates in a humorous, hands-on challenge aimed at helping the participants overcome their issue. 

Genre: Factual Entertainment
Episodes: 30 mins
Production: Nawi-Pro LTD

The show you'd be crazy to miss!