Back to Life

'Back to Life' is the inspiring docu-reality that follows the unique stories of patients and their families in a race against time while they wait for a lifesaving transplant. In each thematic episode, we will get an intimate look at the fight for survival of those that head the waiting list and simultaneously discover the story of their donor. From the uncertainty to the long-awaited call and a new chance at life, this format not only portrays the experience of the recipients but also the courageous act of giving – either by a living donor or that of a grieving family. While the clock ticks and each patient hopes for the moment that could save their lives, we’ll be exposed to the psychological, moral and emotional issues that affect everyone involved on the journey between life and death.

Genre: Dcou-reality
Episodes: 60 mins
Broadcaster: Channel 10, S+, Izzy 
Country of Broadcast: Israel, Portugal, Worldwide
Production: Shabas Productions and Yaniv Amoday Productions

Experience the gift of a second chance