The Arbitrator

In this riveting crime drama, a by-the-book social worker in his mid-twenties discovers that he is the lost son of the Underworld’s most powerful man – The Arbitrator. What follows over four seasons is a tense exploration of what has a greater effect on a man: his genes or his environment?

In spite of himself, he finds himself drawn deeper into his father's dark world. With each step he is asked to cross boundaries he never thought to question, and to re-evaluate the morals he was raised with. At each fork in the road, he finds himself traveling further down a path from which there is no return, and which will ultimately lead him to the final test: to fight his brother and take over his father's legacy as The Arbitrator, or return to the life he led before he went down the rabbit hole…

Genre: Drama
Episodes: 45 (4 seasons) x 45 mins
Broadcaster: HOT3, VTV
Country of Broadcast: Israel, Vietnam
Production: JCS Productions

Blood ties can be made and broken.