Street Justice

Israel's break-out crime drama "Street Justice" blurs the lines between legality and justice in a series packed with non-stop action, explosive stunts, gun fights, gritty crimes, car chases, dangerous romance and more.

The series stars a hot-headed police detective who detests criminals, but doesn't have the patience to wait for them make 'illegal mistakes' before taking the law into his own hands. He works to clean up the streets, and if he has to cut some corners to get his man behind bars, he'll do it without thinking twice. What happens when the hunter becomes the hunted, and when justice becomes a relative term?

Genre: Drama
Episodes: 25 x 60 mins
Broadcaster: Channel 10, +Globosat, 2+2
Countries: Israel, Brazil, Ukraine 
Production: Artza Productions

Finished Series
Channel 10 25 x 60 mins, 3 seasons (Hebrew)

To protect the law, sometimes you need to break it.