A captivating and emotional drama following a family trying to recover from a devastating loss, Anne-Sophie is tortured by guilt and responsibility after the death of her young son, causing her to leave her home and family with nothing but a few clothes. While she tries to start a new life with the hopes of escaping her grief, her husband Bernard is left behind to pick up the pieces, taking charge of their daughter and the family business.

 As Anne-Sophie and Bernard try to uncover who is really to blame for the tragic event, the tension between them grows with each passing day. The two must decide if there is still hope for them or if the loss of their son is too shattering to overcome.

Episodes: 96 x 60 mins
Broadcaster: TVA, Globosat
Country of Broadcast: Canada, Brazil
Production: Duo Productions

Finished Series
TVA 60 x 60 mins, 3 seasons (French)


How do you find your light when darkness falls?