Sunday League

A witty comedy from Sweden’s TV3, 'Sunday League' follows Selma Nord, an inexperienced football coach, as she gets in over her head by taking a job coaching the worst team in Division 7 football. Now she not only has to adjust to life in the small town where they train, she must also prove her abilities to both herself and the team, including the antagonistic star player. To make matters worse, the owner of their field threatens to turn it into a sugar beet plantation if they can’t win this season! Luckily, Selma is as desperate as she is determined and will give the team everything she’s got. But will that be enough for her and Vinninge BK to pull off a win?

Genre: Comedy
Episodes: 8 x 30 mins
Broadcaster: TV3, Sweden
Production: Anagram Produktion AB


Finished Series
TV3 8 x 30 mins, 1 season (Swedish)

She's got the balls, but have they got the talent?