The Ex-Team Licensed In South Africa

Armoza Formats has announced today that factual entertainment format, The Ex-Team, has been commissioned in South Africa. The local adaptation is set to air on the Afrikaans-language lifestyle channel VIA in 2019.

The two companies have previously worked together on docu-reality Marry Me Now, which has had two successful seasons and a third one is currently in production.

Produced by Artza Productions and Armoza Formats, The Ex Team (60’) is the factual entertainment format that breaks all the rules! In each episode a bachelor who wants to settle down but just can’t seem to find “the one” will be guided by the team of people who know him best – his exes! 3 of his ex-girlfriends will try to put aside their differences to become a qualified, if slightly awkward, coaching team and will work together with the sole purpose of helping him to find love. Accompanied by a relationship advisor, they will meet potential love matches, determine who suits him the best, and give him styling tips and dating rules from their expert point of view... Because, who knows him better than them?

Avi Armoza, CEO of Armoza Formats, “‘The Ex-Team’ pushes the boundaries on conventional relationship shows by forcing individuals to confront their past dating mistakes in an effort to create a new connection. This contrast between their romantic past and present coming together is what makes this show truly unique.”