The Green Project

What if you could perform sketches anywhere in the universe, in any time or place? In ‘The Green Project’, a troupe of comedians heads into the studio to do just that. With only a prop closet and a green screen at their disposal, they can perform an endless collection of hilarious sketches against any backdrop they can imagine!

All you need is a small green studio, your own local comedians, and our scripts to produce a local version of "The Green Project". Our expert team here in Israel can then use your footage to put together the full package, with animation, sound effects, and the same polished, blockbuster look we use here. Interested? Click here to learn more and watch a short "How does it work?" video!

Genre: Scripted Comedy
Episodes: 20 x 30 mins
Broadcaster: HOT Comedy Central, BTV, Channel 12, NRK, Telefe, Hunan TV
Country of Broadcast: Israel, Lithuania, Uruguay, Norway, Argentina, China
Production: Ananei Communication

Open up to a whole new world