Armoza Reveals Its First New Format For MIPTV

Armoza Formats has today announced the release of new prime time format The City Inspector, the first of their MIPTV slate to be launched.

An original production from the Ukraine by 1+1 Media Group-owned channel, this deal also marks the first acquisition agreement between 1+1 and Armoza Formats.

Locally titled Inspector Freymut – Cities, the investigative show recently aired during prime time with a successful first season and increased the previous slot’s share by 10% and the ratings by 15%. Hosted by famous journalist Olga Freymut, the program brought important social issues to light and became one of the top three most-watched shows in the country during its run.

The City Inspector (8 x 60’) is the new factual entertainment format where each week a determined host will put an entire city under the magnifying glass for 48 hours. Assisted by a team of secret agents who first scout the city, our inspector and her team will assess its brightest assets and most shameful secrets in the fields of education, health care, safety, food and local authorities. Along the way, they will decide which establishments and institutions deserve the “Pride of the City” or the “Shame of the City” title. At the end of every episode it’s time for the big reveal and the city’s final score will be announced in front of all its residents, including the town’s successes and recommendations for making a meaningful change.

Viktoriia Liezina, General Producer of 1+1 Productions, “This show is a project that allows communities across the country to change their lives and their cities for the better. We are happy and incredibly proud to have an opportunity of international distribution and partnership with Armoza Formats”.                                                                                                                                                

Avi Armoza, CEO of Armoza Formats, We are proud to be partnering with 1+1 to bring this high social impact format to the market, in particular having seen its wide-ranging influence in the Ukraine and how it engages audiences in a meaningful way and on a personal level. This new deal is part of our continued focus on creating strong partnerships with key players internationally and we look forward to building an ongoing relationship with 1+1.”