Armoza Dances To MIP With New Strategic Partnership

Armoza Formats has today announced a new monetization model for its MIP headliner Dance Revolution. The indie has partnered with Omnicom Media Group-owned Highway Entertainment and Canadian-based broadcaster TVA to bring a new opportunity to Cannes to facilitate the funding of the international rollout of the new hit Canadian dance format.

Through this new partnership, deploying Highway Entertainment’s funding model successfully executed in Canada for the originating production, Armoza will be able to offer ad-supported broadcast and digital platforms the opportunity to simultaneously expand their existing relationships with Omnicom and launch the Dance Revolution format in their local markets.

The dance competition, produced by Quebecor Content and Fair-Play, began airing on Canada’s TVA last month and has been winning its timeslot consistently for the channel.

Dance Revolution (11x90’) is the innovative prime time dance show that welcomes dancers from all styles and ages to compete and, with the help of state-of-the-art technology, be judged with a 360˚ shot of each dancer’s most spectacular “Revolution” moment. To gain entry into the competition, dancers must first impress the panel of three dance industry masters. From there, dancers must continue to wow the judges during each successive elimination round.  Unique to the format, the masters have the help of Revolution’s freeze frame moments throughout the competition – capturing the dancers’ precise movements and form – and revealing intricacies that empower the judges to make the best decisions. The dancers’ performances and the breath-taking Revolution moments will decide the fate of the four finalists, who will showcase their talent in hopes of becoming the Best Revolution Dancer and winning the $100k grand prize.

“Highway Entertainment strongly believes in this format - and our confidence was affirmed by Dance Revolution’s immensely successful debut on TVA,” says Adam Ivers, President & CEO of Highway Entertainment“Our partnership with this series and with Armoza is a great example of the impact Highway Entertainment can have in financing quality production and creating bespoke advertising opportunities for Omnicom’s clients  across multiple markets.”

“‘Dance Revolution’ is a winning format for TVA, having delivered a strong 35% market share for the channel to date. We're convinced that, with partners like Armoza and Highway Entertainment, other broadcasters around the world will be able to create a must-watch time slot in their schedules with this amazing, revolutionary dance format” says Yann Paquet, Vice President, Quebecor Content.

“In this challenging time in the TV industry it is crucial to build special partnerships and ensure that we provide our clients with a full package to most benefit them. It is for these reasons that we place such a big emphasis on creativity in our deal making, as well as in our content, and we see ‘Dance Revolution’ and Omnicom as the perfect partners with which to engage on just such a venture” says Avi Armoza, CEO of Armoza Formats.