Armoza Brings in the New Year With a New Drama Launch

Armoza Formats has today announced the launch of a new legal drama, Red Lines. The series recently began airing on Israel’s Kan and was written by Noa Rotman, granddaughter of Israel’s 5th Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, and Esther Namdar (Your Honor; Stockholm).

Red Lines premiered in mid-December in the primetime slot and increased the average ratings of the slot by 126%, outperforming even the nightly news, and triggering rave reviews from the Israeli press.

Red Lines (13x60’) enters the complex world of the District Attorney’s office with up-and-coming attorney Marcelle Ben-David who believes in justice above all else, even the law. After convicting the head of a major crime family, she is given a promotion under the watchful eye of the highly-esteemed D.A. As she begins working on her first assignment – a high profile case of mortgage fraud - Marcelle’s disregard for the rules of the D.A.’s rigid hierarchy opens a Pandora’s Box that threatens to shake the country’s entire legal system. As Marcelle digs deeper into the investigation, she discovers that the corruption in the banking system is only the tip of the iceberg in a massive conspiracy. Going against her boss’s wishes, Marcelle will do whatever it takes to bring justice to those involved - no matter the cost. But when she finds out that those behind it are the ones closest to her, can she stop it all before she crosses too many red lines?

Armoza Formats is distributing the series both as finished tape and as format.

Tmira Yardeni, Owner of Tedy Productions, “‘Red Lines’ is a powerful Israeli drama that took a real-life issue and turned it into a compelling series as a way to expose the truth. This, combined with a strong female lead who is able to stay true to herself in a conservative and patriarchal system, has led to the show's success in Israel.”

Avi Armoza, CEO of Armoza Formats, “‘Red Lines’ is an intriguing new legal series that has captured Israeli audiences with its new perspective into the world of the District Attorney’s office and a mysterious conspiracy that will shut down the whole legal system if exposed. We are thrilled with the success of the show in Israel and to be adding this high-quality drama to our constantly expanding scripted offering.”