Married Life Scenes

Married Life Scenes brings an edgy and fresh take on modern marriage – because you never really know what goes on behind closed doors. The series follows a young married couple, Polina and Nikita, who were madly in love but have quickly become disillusioned by their relationship and are headed for a divorce. However, when Polina kills an influencer she thinks Nikita is cheating on her with, the couple’s passion is reignited. With their relationship never better, the couples see themselves as “cleansers” as they go on a spree to rid the world of whomever they deem toxic, falling deeper in love with each other again as they do. As they get tangled into a high-profile detective case, Polina and Nikita must keep killing to protect their lives, their freedom and their love – but how far are they willing to go to do so? 

Genre: Scripted Comedy
Episodes: 8 x 30 mins
Broadcaster: MTC, Russia
Production: SREDA

They say true love never dies...