The Odds

A touching romantic comedy that follows the story of a man who leaves his wife for another woman, and then tries everything to win her back when he realizes he’s made a mistake! The one thing they agree on is to put their daughter's happiness first. But can they truly reconcile against the odds? An honest and humorous portrayal of a very relatable situation, The Odds created a stir in Canada with its success on TVA – 5 seasons have already aired to an impressive +30% share, it has won 2 Gémeaux awards for Best Comedy Screenplay and Best Actor and has been nominated for 14 Gémeaux awards including Best Comedy.

Genre: Scripted Romantic Comedy
Episodes: 50 x 30 mins
Broadcaster: TVA, Canada
Production: Duo Productions

Finished Series
TVA 50 x 60 mins, 5 seasons (French)

Will their love win against all odds?