Comedians at Work

For the first time on television a prime time entertainment format that combines live stand-up with reality themes. Each week, we will watch 2 comedians go out to different workplaces and experience working there for a day. When they return to the studio, they will each perform a fresh stand-up routine based on their experiences – offering us a glimpse into how punchlines are really born. An international success with 8 highly-rated seasons on Channel 2 Israel, 4 successful seasons on RTL Germany, and more.

Genre: Prime Time Comedy
Episodes: 60 mins
Broadcaster: Channel 2, France 4, RTL, TV2, CTC, Caracol, Televisa, Megavision
Country of Broadcast: Israel, France, Germany, Norway, Russia, Colombia, Mexico, Chile
Production: Yoav Gross 

Making People Laugh is a Full Time Job