Who’s Asking? Commissioned in Switzerland

Swiss public broadcaster RTS has licensed Armoza Formats’ fresh game show Who’s Asking? and is now entering production for a first season. The adaptation will be locally known as C’est Ma Question and is set to start airing daily in the second half of this year.

The Swiss adaptation will feature a set that will be available for use as an international hub, as well as an interactive play-along app for viewers that will additionally be offered to other broadcasters looking to adapt the format.

Produced by United Studios of Israel, Who’s Asking? (60') is the fresh and interactive game show that is not just about what questions the participants must answer, but who is asking them. Whether it’s the bus driver, your doctor, or a streetwise grandma – each has a question for the contestants. Instead of picking the type of questions to be asked, the 2 pairs of contestants must select an “asker” from the faces on the screen in front of them. In a game show where looks do matter, the contestants must follow their intuition to compete for the grand prize. The format has also aired successfully in Israel, India, Thailand and Estonia.

Thierry Ventouras, Head of Entertainment of RTS, We look forward to collaborating with Armoza Formats and to becoming the first ones in Europe to develop and adapt ‘Who’s Asking?’. With this strong and interactive content, we are clearly positioning RTS on the international market as standing at the forefront of innovation in TV entertainment.

Avi Armoza, CEO of Armoza Formats“We’re thrilled that ‘Who’s Asking?’ will soon be airing in Switzerland and to see its continued international growth. ‘Who’s Asking?’ provides an entertaining experience for viewers as they not only test their gut instincts but also answer the questions along the way, and with the interactive app will be able to submit their own questions too.”