UK Takes Armoza’s Marry Me Now

Armoza Formats’ docu-reality Marry Me Now has now been acquired in the UK by production company Chalkboard (Don’t Ask Me Ask Britain).

This latest acquisition marks the ninth territory that has acquired the rights to the emotional factual entertainment show since its launch earlier this year, including France, Italy and China. The format, which was pitched by Odelia Yakir during Armoza’s annual formats competition Formagination, has most recently had the airdate for the local German adaptation announced for summer 2017.

Produced by Armoza Formats and Zipi Rozenblum, Marry Me Now (60’) is the emotional and empowering docu-reality that gives women the chance to take charge of their own fate. Each week we follow one determined woman, who has had enough of waiting for a ring. She will prepare her own wedding in just a few days and all without the groom-to-be’s knowledge. On the 3rd day she will surprise her partner in her wedding dress with an ambush proposal. If he says no, it’s all over… but if he says yes, they will tie the knot on the spot!

Mike Benson MD of Chalkboard Television “We are delighted to partner with Armoza on Marry Me Now – a format we believe has the potential to become a huge hit in the UK and beyond.”

Avi Armoza, CEO of Armoza Formats, “We are thrilled to see this empowering format find its home in the UK with Chalkboard, whose expertise lies in creating strong productions of factual and entertainment shows, and we look forward to its continued growth internationally.”