The UK Wants to Know Who’s Asking?

The interactive game show, Who’s Asking?, has now been acquired in the UK by Formatzone, marking the first time that the company has partnered with Armoza Formats.

Originally developed by United Studios of Israel and distributed by Armoza Formats, the studio-based show has most recently been commissioned in the US and is currently airing on Switzerland’s RTS1.

Who’s Asking? (30-60') is the fresh game show that is not just about what questions the participants must answer, but who is asking them. Whether it’s the bus driver, your doctor, or a streetwise grandma – each has a question for the contestants. Instead of picking the type of questions to be asked, the 2 pairs of contestants must select an “asker” from the faces on the screen in front of them. In a game show where looks do matter, the contestants must follow their intuition to compete for the grand prize.

Mark Rowland, CEO of Formatzone, “We are delighted to be working with the Armoza team on this fantastic format that completely refreshes what’s possible in a game - by bringing a world of great faces and unexpected questions into the studio. Just the kind of original thinking we want Formatzone to bring to the UK, we look forward to making it a big hit.”

Avi Armoza, CEO of Armoza Formats, “We believe that Formatzone is the perfect home for ‘Who’s Asking?’ in the UK and we are looking forward to making it a reality in this key territory. The combination of involving the country through allowing everyone to ask a question and the unique element of how the contestants choose the questions makes every moment in this show dynamic and surprising.”