The People’s Choice Licensed In India

Armoza Formats’ prime time entertainment show The People’s Choice has now been commissioned for a first season by India’s Asianet and will be produced by one of the country’s leading production companies, Big Synergy.

Asianet, a sister channel of Star TV India, is slated to air the local adaptation of 36 episodes from mid-July. The interactive format will be aired three times a week and hosted by famous Indian actress, Gavathri Arun.

Armoza and Big Synergy have previously worked together to bring the studio game show Who’s Asking?, known locally as India Poochega, to India.

Developed in partnership between Armoza and TF1 France, The People’s Choice (60’-90’) is a prime time live TV event that takes audience engagement to the next level and tests how well we know our nation by presenting viewers with the most trending, thought-provoking and entertaining dilemmas - a week without showering or without their smartphone? World peace or $1 million? Once the nation has made its choice live, participants in the studio must guess what the entire country chose. And it’s open to everyone – not only can the whole nation play, but everyone who does also has the chance to win cash prizes.

Reghu Ramachandram, Head of Business of Asianet, “We’re happy to give an international show like ‘The People’s Choice’ a Kerala flavor. This will be a platform for Malayalees to express their opinions and be part of a television show while sitting at home. This fresh new content is sure to make people sit back and think about our views and opinions as a society, while entertaining everyone at the same time.

Indranil Chakraborty, Chief Executive Officer of Big Synergy Media, "We are extremely happy to be producing ‘The People’s Choice’ for leading channel, Asianet. It will be the first public opinion based show in the market and we have already had a tremendous response to its mobile app. We hope that this format will set a trend that will generate interest among other Indian language channels in coming years.”

Avi Armoza, CEO of Armoza Formats, We strongly believe that ‘The People’s Choice’ will bring people together and engage the whole country with its unique and interactive gameplay, and we are thrilled to be working with Asianet and Big Synergy on this dynamic format.”