Spain Commissions 2nd Season Of Babushka

Spain’s TVG has now licensed a second season of Armoza Formats’ studio game show Babushka. Locally titled Ti Veras and produced by Productora Faro, the new season will comprise 65 episodes and will air daily from next week.

The first season started airing last December and achieved record numbers for the channel, with  the season’s average ratings at 29%, an impressive 212% above the slot’s average that made it one of the channel's most-viewed shows in their afternoon programming.

Created by Armoza Formats, Babushka (60’) is the high-stakes prime time game show that takes you on a journey where you will never know what to expect next! Presented with 10 giant Russian “babushka” dolls, contestants must open 8 of them for the chance to win up to $500,000! If the babushka is empty they lose all the money they have accumulated to that point, whereas if there is a smaller doll inside they continue to win. A combination of knowledge, strategy and pure luck, with no exit points and no eliminations, the Babushka experience is packed with amazing highs and emotional lows as the contestants stake their winnings at every stage!

Avi Armoza, CEO of Armoza Formats, "The fun and tension-filled dynamics of ‘Babushka’ have been a key element in captivating audiences in Spain and we look forward to its continued success, both with TVG’s second season and internationally."