Germany Eats Up Armoza’s Foodies

Germany’s Endemol Shine have acquired Armoza Formats’ food-loving docu-reality The Foodies, marking the first deal for the appetizing new show.

The two parties most recently worked together on the German adaptation of prime time show I Can Do That!, which was yesterday announced to have been acquired in 2 new territories.

The Foodies (30-60’) is the new docu-reality developed and produced by Armoza Formats. Today, more than ever, food is a global obsession - we crave it, we photograph it, we share it on social media and we talk about it constantly. The Foodies takes this obsession to the next level. In every episode, we will join our groups of foodies as they take over a new restaurant. Each group is unique, but they all have one thing in common – their passion for food. And now, you no longer need to listen in on other tables, because you’re invited to take a seat with The Foodies! During the episode, they will share their unfiltered opinions and ratings of the food, service and ambience. We’ll get to know each foodie as they eat, laugh and reveal their life stories. You’ll love them or hate them, but you won’t be able to ignore them!

Holger Rettler, Director Show & Factual of Endemol Shine Germany, “We are very happy to be maintaining our strong partnership with Armoza Formats and to be collaborating with them on this engaging show. We believe that ‘The Foodies’ has a strong story and are confident that it will appeal to the German market.”

Avi Armoza, CEO of Armoza Formats“‘The Foodies’ brings a completely unique perspective to the traditional food genre, with its focus on eating, rather than cooking, making it relatable to all viewers. ‘The Foodies’ taps into two simple premises – our natural curiosity about other tables at restaurants and today’s global obsession with food – and brings them to life in an entertaining, fun and delicious docu-reality format!"