Death Highway

Inspired by true events, crime thriller 'Death Highway' takes us on a ride down the Moscow highway M-4, where the notorious GTA gang begins killing people with no apparent motive. Investigating these cases are two detectives, who must overcome their own personal conflicts and work together to solve these seemingly random crimes that are tormenting their city. And with more killings reported each day, bodies of the gang members piling up and the media getting involved, the panic that ensues creates added pressure for the detectives With a potential mole that is keeping the gang one step ahead of the investigation, what used to be a calm and peaceful route has just become the Death Highway.

Genre: Crime Thriller
Episodes: 20 x 60 mins
Broadcaster: NTV, Russia
Production: Motor Film Studio

Finished Series
NTV 10 x 60 mins, 2 seasons (Russian)

Murder... in the fast lane