Allenby is an addictive psychological drama which takes place in the depths of Tel Aviv's night life. This show gives a gripping insight into the secret underworld of a strippers’ bar and gives access to a world that is famously restricted. With viewership reaching 84% above average share, and with local critics heralding the show as “socially relevant and highly compelling", Allenby reveals complex characters living their lives on suspicion, venality and desire. Safety is a precious commodity on Allenby St: trust no one.

Genre: Drama
Episodes: 8-12 x 45 mins
Broadcaster: Channel 10, TNT
Country of Broadcast: Israel, Brazil
Production: Inosan Productions


Finished Series
Channel 10 12 x 30 mins (Hebrew) 
TNT 12 x 30 mins (Portugese) 



Allenby: You can look. But you can’t touch.