Extreme Scheme

A new generation candid camera show that examines our ability to deal with the most challenging situations, and how each of us behaves in times of crisis. You’re on your way to the office, and suddenly realize you’re involved in a robbery! You're invited to a family dinner and discover your divorced mom is dating a very young man! Your daughter invites you to meet her new boss, and you find yourself face to face with a drug dealer! How would you react?

While dozens of hidden cameras look on, the show immerses different people with different personalities in a world that they usually see only at the movies. ‘Extreme Scheme’ lets us observe how each of them handles the most unexpected and extreme challenges – and the moral dilemmas that go along with them.

Episodes: 10 x 35 mins
Broadcaster: Channel 10, Israel
Production: Elza Productions

What if your life became a Hollywood thriller?