The Killer Inside

In this psychological thriller, an interrogation specialist and her team will delve into 3 suspects’ psychological truth in each episode. Investigating the world of crime from a new and unprecedentedly realistic perspective, she will solve the murder in her own, unpredictable way. As she builds a relationship of trust with suspects, she uncovers their lies and gets them to confess – all from the interrogation room. And as the murders are solved, will her complicated personal relationships reach their own solutions, or are they a ticking time bomb?

‘The Killer Inside’ portrays the rich, complex world of the interrogation room, with its constant mix of suspense and emotions, using a unique and intriguing fly-on-the-wall method.

Genre: Investigative Drama
Episodes: 40 x 60 mins
Broadcaster: TVA, France 2
Country of Broadcast: Canada, France 
Production: Sovimage

Finished Series
TVA 40 x 60 mins, 4 seasons (French)

When there's a killer inside, there's no way out