The City Inspector

If your city was put to the test, would you be proud to live there? Find out in 'The City Inspector', the investigative factual entertainment format where each week a determined host will put an entire city under the magnifying glass for 48 hours! Assisted by a team of secret agents who first scout the city, our inspector and her team will assess its brightest assets and most shameful secrets in the fields of education, health care, safety, food and local authorities. Who will receive the dubious “Shame of the City” title and who will be awarded the “Pride of the City”? At the end of every episode it’s time for the big reveal and the city’s final score will be announced in front of all the residents! Which city will achieve the country’s highest score?

Aired on Ukraine’s 1+1, 'The City Inspector' grew the channel’s prime time share and ratings, becoming the 2nd most-watched show in the country during its run.

Genre: Factual Entertainment
Episodes: 8x60 mins
Broadcaster: 1+1, Ukraine
Production: 1+1 Productions

Are you ready to uncover your city’s secrets?