The intense hidden camera prime time show where no celebrity is let off the hook! The number 1 show on Israel's Channel 10 during its season that increased the time slot average by 142%, ‘Ambush’ is an exciting comedy format in which celebrities’ nearest and dearest will subject them to the most extreme, over-the-top and unexpected practical jokes!

A unique combination of on-location pranks and studio entertainment, the celebrities will be thrown into crazy situations that get more and more absurd for an entire day. After the ‘Ambush’ team reveals itself, the celebrities will watch themselves in the studio and confront their ambushers. Fun, fast-paced, and dramatic, ‘Ambush’ takes viewers and celebrities on an emotional rollercoaster ride!

Genre: Hidden Camera Entertainment Show
Episodes: 60 mins
Broadcaster: Channel 10, Israel
Production: United Studios Israel

Celebrities Beware!