Finland Headed Inside The Bubble

Armoza Formats has today announced that hit prime time studio entertainment format The Bubble has been now picked up in in Finland by leading television production company Moskito.

The format has successfully aired more than 100 episodes in eight countries, including in prime time on the BBC and in Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands.

In a world where reality is stranger than fiction, could you imagine even a day disconnected from your phone? The Bubble (30-45’) is the highly adaptable and ever-relevant format, where contestants will be isolated from the world for a whole week, before being presented with the latest news and events. They must guess what really happened while they were away… but it won’t be easy in a world where reality exceeds imagination. Will they distinguish the real from the fake? The Bubble is the fun, versatile and witty studio entertainment show that has never been more fitting to today’s crazy headlines!

Avi Armoza, CEO of Armoza Formats, “There is no other entertainment comedy show that is so relevant to the current political atmosphere and media-focused society. ‘The Bubble’ has taken this and turned the news into entertainment, leading to its success in several territories and we are looking forward to adding Finland to the list and working with Moskito on the new adaptation.”