CEE Chooses Finished Content From Armoza

Russian broadcaster Questions and Answers (QAA) has now licensed the Canadian finished tapes of celebrity game show Only One Knows from Armoza Formats, in a deal made in partnership with Media Thor@. The Russian cable channel, dedicated to game shows, music and contest programs, will air 100 episodes of the comic studio game show, locally titled Who Knows What He Knows… from January.

In further ready-mades news in the region, the Hungarian adaptation of Connected was recently licensed in Poland. Comprising 40 episodes, the series is now airing on WPI (also known as WP1) in second prime time.

These two new deals mark an increase in Armoza Formats’ presence in CEE, where many of their formats have already aired as both adaptations and finished content, from game shows Still Standing and Who’s Asking? to dramas Hostages and Street Justice.

Only One Knows (30’) is the game show for all the family, in which five celebrities compete every day for a week in a quiz that tests not only their general knowledge but also their intuition! In every episode, one contestant is given all the answers and must win as much money as possible – while fooling as many other people as possible. The goal of the others is to expose the bluffer, and everybody gets to play! And with the money all going to the charity of the winners’ choice, bluffing has never been so worthwhile! Packed with suspense, surprises, mystery and humor, Only One Knows aired over 700 episodes on French Canada’s TVA, becoming their number 1 game show.

Connected (30’) is a revolutionary format based on the culture of online self-exposure. Through cameras that they use to film their lives, the participants’ parallel stories unfold and gradually become connected as each of them experience transformative life changes and journeys of self-discovery. Aired in over 13 countries including Finland, the Netherlands, Israel and the US, this show takes us on an incredible journey into the very real, and uncannily connected, lives of men and women in a way you’ve never seen before.

Armoza, CEO of Armoza Formats, “We are very proud to be bringing these shows to audiences in Russia and Poland. The increasing openness to content from across the globe highlights the search for enjoyable content regardless of language, and enables us to reach more viewers with strong stories and universally-relatable formats.”