Belgium Commissions 2 New Seasons Of Local Heroes

VTM, the main commercial TV channel in Flemish Belgium, has now commissioned two new seasons of the successful factual show Local Heroes. Following the first two successful seasons of Local Heroes: Through The Fire, the third and fourth seasons have now entered production and will follow the country’s helicopter emergency medical service in Local Heroes: 911 Air Rescue.

Produced by Geronimo, Local Heroes: Through The Fire began airing last year on VTM, with the first season reaching an impressive 35% share (18-54). The second season continued with even stronger results, becoming the highest rated show in the channel’s target during its run.

The format was most recently commissioned by leading German public broadcaster ARD, and is now in production for a spring 2017 airdate on WDR.

Local Heroes (60’) is the moving and dramatic factual show that follows the story of a city’s defenders – from firefighters to paramedics, bomb squads to drug units, giving an up-close and personal look at these courageous people. The third season follows the fastest emergency team in the country - the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS). Take a seat in the chopper and feel the adrenaline, with impressive aerial footage and a visual style that has never been closer to the action. With no filters and no censorship, in this unique docu-reality you will see through the eyes of our local heroes, feel the tension and experience the save.

Stefaan Ledeganck, Director at Geronimo, “Since ‘Local Heroes’ started airing we have received an excellent response from both viewers and first responders alike – this is a show with a major impact, inspiring people to join units and encouraging more local heroes to come forward. I believe the public will be as amazed as we were by the variety of interventions in ‘Local Heroes: 911 Air Rescue’.”

Avi Armoza, CEO of Armoza Formats, ‘Local Heroes’ is an incredibly inspiring and emotional format, and we see the results of these strong stories reflected in its success in Belgium. The progress of the show to new seasons and new heroes demonstrates its pull and longevity, and we look forward to seeing this in the local German adaptation in the future.”