Armoza’s Dance Revolution Soars To France

Armoza Formats has today announced that prime time studio entertainment format, Dance Revolution, has been acquired in France by Reservoir Prod, a Lagardère Studios company.

Meanwhile in Canada, the successful first season wrapped up yesterday on Canada’s TVA and a second season commission of the hit dance competition has already been announced with a 2019 air date. Since its airing, Dance Revolution has become Canada’s most popular show of the fall season, reaching 1.4 million Quebec viewers each week.

From Canada’s TVA and produced by Quebecor Content and Fair-Play, Dance Revolution (11x90’) is the prime time dance show that welcomes all dancers to compete and be judged with a 360˚ shot of their most spectacular “Revolution” moment using state-of-the-art technology. In every stage, the three masters will have the help of the Revolution moments – capturing the dancers’ precise and timeless movements to make sure that they make the right decision. The dancers’ performances and the breath-taking Revolution moments will decide the four finalists, who will showcase their talent in the hope of winning the $100k grand prize.

Jean-Baptiste Claverie, CEO & Producer at Réservoir Prod, “‘Dance Revolution’ revolutionizes talent shows using its sensational 360 technology as a unique and brand new method to select the best dancers of the country. We are very excited to find local gems and bring a new revolution to the dance scene, to TV… and to France!

Yann Paquet, Vice President of Quebecor Content, “We’re delighted to announce the return of ‘Dance Revolution, a show that has helped us discover, understand and enjoy dance. Developed by Quebecor Content and Fair-Play, this high-level competition has succeeded in generating lots of excitement for dance in all its forms. We very much look forward to the second season of this sensational and innovative format.” 

Avi Armoza, CEO of Armoza Formats, “‘Dance Revolution’ offers a unique viewing experience through its use of innovative 360-degree technology. It is this uniqueness which immediately won over viewers in Canada and has led to strong interest worldwide.”