Armoza Keynotes The Secret to Format Success in China

Leading independent content creator and distributor, Armoza Formats, will be taking a central role in next week’s China Formats, the 22nd annual Shanghai TV Festival’s unique two-day event connecting top industry decision-makers in China with the international market. Avi Armoza, the company’s Founder and CEO will be addressing the conference with a keynote Q and A session on The Secret To Format Success, where he will examine key issues facing the industry, including innovation in content, the importance of taking risks and the most crucial elements of creating a hit format.

Armoza will additionally participate in two further panels, the first of which, initiated by him for the event, will discuss how the Chinese industry can adapt to best work with the global market. The second panel will take a look at top Chinese formats and the reasons for their success.

Next week also marks the first time that an Armoza-developed format will air in China. Co-developed with Sohu, the new talk show format, The Running Show, will go live during STVF on leading online streaming service TV.Sohu, from 7th June.

The Running Show (30’) combines the essence of a talk show with a highly-charged entertainment format. In each fresh and fast-paced episode, our beloved host goes on the run joined by a variety of celebrity guests. The only talk show that happens on the run, we’ll find out all the juicy details, and enjoy their lifestyle advice and live performances. Along the way, they’ll come across various challenging pit-stops that will take the interview to a new level. In a show packed with surprises, anything is possible as long as you keep moving!

Shirley Shihui Cheng, VP Content Strategy & Development at 3C Media, Armoza Formats is not only a key player in the international formats market, but an active participant in Chinese market. We have been impressed by Avi's expertise of the Chinese industry, which we believe will be a crucial element within the China Formats event and STVF in general."

Avi Armoza, CEO of Armoza Formats, “We’re thrilled to be taking such an active role in this key event and to be working with China’s industry leaders to create stronger connections with their booming market. China presents many opportunities for the formats industry and vice versa, and we are excited to be working with 3C Media, China Formats and STVF to continue bringing this potential to life.”