Armoza Formats Reveals New MIPTV Launches

Armoza Formats have now unveiled their full line up of new shows that they will be bringing to MIPTV, with a focus on bringing content with an impact to the market to address the demand for prime time entertainment, authenticity and fresh takes on traditional genres. Their slate ranges across the genres to address all broadcasters’ needs for fresh, authentic and riveting new formats. Among their new launches, Armoza will be bringing 2 international formats this MIP – the acclaimed Belgian docu-reality Local Heroes and the award-winning Canadian scripted drama Vertige. In addition to this, they will be cementing their status as Israel’s leading independent formats company, bringing six new Israeli formats, two of which were finalists in Armoza’s format competition, Formagination.

The Foodies (60’) is the new docu-reality developed and produced by Armoza Formats. Today, more than ever, food is a global obsession - we crave it, we photograph it, we share it on social media and we talk about it constantly. The Foodies takes this obsession to the next level. In every episode, we will join our groups of foodies as they take over a new restaurant. Each group is unique, but they all have one thing in common – their passion for food. And now, you no longer need to listen in on other tables, because you’re invited to take a seat with The Foodies! During the episode, they will share their unfiltered opinions and ratings of the food, service and ambience. We’ll get to know each foodie as they eat, laugh and reveal their life stories. You’ll love them or hate them, but you won’t be able to ignore them!

Aired on Belgium’s VTM and produced by Geronimo, Local Heroes (60’) is the moving and dramatic factual show that follows the story of a city’s defenders – from firefighters to paramedics, bomb squads to drug units, giving us an up-close and personal look at these courageous people. The first season - Local Heroes: Through the Fire - follows a team of firefighters as they battle through the obstacles of working in their demanding and dangerous jobs. Whether saving people from a burning building or rescuing a child from a car crash, we penetrate the depths of fire incidents. With no filters and no censorship, in this unique docu-reality you will see through the eyes of our local heroes, feel the tension and experience the save. Local Heroes has already been taken in the Netherlands as a format, in Austria as a ready-made and a second season has now been commissioned in Belgium.

Wrecking Ball (60’) is the game show with the biggest balls on TV! Produced by Armoza Formats, Shenhar Productions and Volley Formats, Wrecking Ball features a team of 3 brave contestants facing 4 giant wrecking balls and 9 increasingly difficult questions for the chance to win $250,000! At every stage, they must put their knowledge and courage to the test as they each select an answer from the multiple choice responses. If they get it wrong, a huge wrecking ball will swing across the studio to knock the contestant out of the game! But if the team succeeds in answering all 9 questions with at least one player remaining, they will win the jackpot! Wrecking Ball will make even the strongest and smartest contestants lose their cool, because no one can stay calm when a giant wrecking ball is set to knock them off their feet!

Date in Reverse (60’), a Formagination competition finalist produced by Shenhar Productions and Volley Formats, is an innovative take on the dating genre. Each week 2 singles looking for love will get to know each other by experiencing the most meaningful milestones in a relationship. The twist? The process will be condensed into one day and will be in reverse, giving them a new perspective and the rare chance to peek into their future without wasting their time… from the bridal bed to the wedding reception, the first family get-together to the first weekend getaway. Will they sense a spark from the start, will their potential in-laws put out their fire and at the end of an intense and insightful day, will they show up to their first date?

Produced by Armoza Formats, Sohu and Zipi Rozenblum, The Running Show (30’) is the fresh and fast-paced lifestyle show that combines the essence of a talk show with a highly-charged entertainment format. In each episode, our beloved host goes on the run joined by a variety of celebrity guests. Whether popstar, comedian, stylist, magician or relationship expert, they’ll all have to keep up with our hysterical host as he interviews them. We’ll find out the juicy details as they run together, and enjoy their lifestyle advice and live performances. And along the way, they’ll come across various challenging pit-stops that will take the interview to a new level. In a show packed with surprises, anything is possible as long as you keep moving!

Armoza continues to build momentum for Marry Me Now (60’), which has now been taken in France, Germany, Italy and Australia. Produced by Armoza Formats & Zipi Rozenblum and also a Formagination finalist, the emotional and empowering factual entertainment format gives women the chance to take charge of their own fate. Each week we follow one determined woman, who has had enough of waiting for a ring. She will take the lead in her life and relationship, and prepare her own wedding in just a few days and all without the groom-to-be’s knowledge. On the 3rd day she will surprise her partner in her wedding dress with an ambush proposal! If he says no, it’s all over… but if he says yes, they will tie the knot on the spot!

In addition, Armoza will be launching 3 scripted shows to round off their new slate.

The new hilarious Israeli comedy from United Studios Israel, La Famiglia (30 x 30’), aired on Israel’s Channel 10, raised the channel’s ratings by 31% in the time slot and has already received a 2nd season commission. The sitcom follows the lives of a perfectly normal suburban family living in the divorce capital of the country. With many reasons to be happy, they have even more reasons to go to therapy – their sex life, his best friend, her complaints, and of course, his mother. Their therapy sessions provide the entertaining basis for the series, through which we flashback to the comical, stand-alone scenes from their daily life. Each episode is a new therapy session in which they bring up the most embarrassing, bizarre, awkward and insane moments that are a part of every family’s life.

Vertige (6 x 60’), the dramatic and multi award-winning mini-series aired on Canada’s TVA and Series+ and produced by Pixcom, follows the story of a young woman who awakens after 3 months in a coma with no memory of what happened during the 24 hours prior to her alleged suicide attempt. Refusing to believe that she tried to take her own life, she tries to piece together what really happened and realizes she can trust no one, not even her closest family. While reconstructing the puzzle she'll discover secrets, lies and the unspeakable truth locked deep in her memory. As every new piece of the puzzle is revealed, we discover another layer of the story, in an intense, unpredictable and edge-of-your-seat psychological thriller.

The Wordmaker (7 x 60’), aired on Israel’s HOT and produced by MyTV has been heralded by the media as “Exactly what a suspense thriller should be like” (YNET News) and “So well-crafted it's admirable” (Achbar Ha’ir entertainment website). A gripping and atmospheric drama that explores the dark corners of the human psyche and the blurred line between dreams and reality, the drama follows Dr. Ari Milus, a family man and a professor of sleep disorders who wakes up one night at a bar with no memory of how he got there. Realizing that his childhood parasomnia has returned, Ari is forced to face his troubled past within a religious sect led by the charismatic and revered Wordmaker, a man who’s actions led to Ari’s mother’s death and his own mysterious disappearance. And when the people close to Ari are found dead and he becomes the main suspect, he begins to question himself and whether his past holds more answers than he ever knew. The more he discovers, the less certain he becomes about what is real and what is in his mind.

Avi Armoza, CEO of Armoza Formats“We are proud to be bringing such a strong and diverse slate to MIPTV. We always look to provide our partners with powerful, creative and compelling content and believe that this new lineup furthers us in our ability to do so. Our new formats revolve around innovative and fresh takes on the traditional perspective, from the entertaining new docu-reality ‘The Foodies’ that invites you to join the “other” table in the restaurant, to ‘Date in Reverse’ that breaks all the dating rules and ‘La Famiglia’ with its original way of storytelling.”