Armoza Formats Reveals New MIPCOM Launches

Armoza Formats have now unveiled their new lineup for MIP, and have taken a strong focus on prime time entertainment, with feel-good and dramatic viewing elements that include challenging competitions and society-changing formats.

Curvy Supermodel (5x120’) is the prime time reality competition that will change how we define beauty! Produced by Tresor TV and airing on RTL2 Germany from 5th October, the nationwide casting show will search for the face of the future – with power, style and curves. 40 aspiring “plus-size” models will be selected out of thousands looking to find a place in the tough and discriminative modeling industry, and will confront their issues and face challenges that will prepare them for their career. An expert jury will mentor them and choose who has what it takes to continue to the next episode. We’ll accompany them on their inspiring journeys, and while all will defy society’s stereotype, only 1 will win the title and the modeling contract. This prime time format has already been picked up in the Netherlands by Tuvalu Media.

The Ex Team (60’) is the new factual entertainment format that breaks all the rules! Produced by Artza Productions and Armoza Formats, in each episode a bachelor who wants to settle down but just can’t seem to find “the one” will be guided by the team of people who know him best – his exes! 3 of his ex-girlfriends will try to put aside their differences to become a qualified, if slightly awkward, coaching team and will work together with the sole purpose of helping him to find love. Accompanied by a relationship advisor, they will meet potential love matches, determine who suits him the best, and give him styling tips and dating rules from their expert point of view... Because, who knows him better than them?

Born To Be A Chef (10x60’) is the perfect family viewing show for prime time. Produced by Productions Déferlantes, the new cooking competition will broadcast on Canada’s TVA from October 6th and has already been commissioned for a 2nd season. Two acclaimed chefs will each lead a team of 10 young apprentices, pushing their budding talents to the limits in an emotion-filled format where both the kids and the mentors compete to prove themselves. The chefs will challenge the trainees with demanding culinary assignments, keeping on only the creators of the most impressive dishes. Each week, the lowest scoring apprentices will have a chance to redeem themselves in the play-off challenge, while 2 will be eliminated from the competition. Between the pressure, tears and laughter, which apprentice will win the fight for his mentor and become the best young chef?

Avi Armoza, CEO of Armoza Formats“We are proud to be bringing a lineup that has a strong focus on real, relevant and impactful storytelling, whether through highlighting impossible standards in society in ‘Curvy Supermodel’ or through going beyond conventional relationship shows and enabling change in people’s love lives through ‘The Ex Team’.”